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Bright Flight

Original title: Sole Dentro, Il
German title: Bright Flight *
Italy, 2012

Director: Bianchini, Paolo
Production company: Alveare Cinema
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Yaguine and Fodé, two Guinean boys, wrote – on the behalf of every child and boy from Africa – a letter to “Their Excellences the members and officials of Europe”. In this letter, they’re asking help to have schools, food, medicines, “as your sons that you love like your own life”. With their letter in their pocket, Yaguine and Fodè hide themselves inside the undercarriage of a plane directed to Bruxelles and, in this way, their long travel of hope – from Africa to Europe – begins. Ten years later, another journey, in the opposite direction – from Europe to Africa – made by other two boys, Thabo and Rocco, along with a football. Thabo, 13 years-old, comes from N’Dola, an African village, and he wants to go back there, with his friend Rocco, 14 years-old, from Catania. The boys are victims of the kid football players market, from which they escaped.

Giffoni 2012 (awarded)

Website: www.ilsoledentro.eu

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Alveare (IT)