Cinemini goes Ale Kino! on 2 & 3 December

Cinemini Europe 2 is a film education initiative that has been running since January 2021, offering children aged 3-6 years old, parents and educators an opportunity to discover the world of the moving image in a creative and playful way (more info in ECFA Journal). There will be an opportunity to experience Cinemini for yourself at the upcoming Int’l Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! in Poznan, Poland.


Cinemini on Tour

Several short film programmes called “Cinemini on Tour”, consisting of European animated and experimental films as well as documentaries and historical films from the Cinemini catalogue, will run in the festival’s regular programme. They revolve around exciting themes such as colour, movement or dance and appeal especially to children of preschool age.


Cinemini Training

On 2 & 3 December, there will be a special training for film festival staff from the fields of programming and education, for freelance educators and presenters. During this two day training, the Cinemini Europe 2 project, its films and its pedagogical concepts will be presented in detail and important inputs from science and practice on early childhood film education will be given. Save the Date and contact the Ale Kino! festival team to take part in the training.