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"Kauwboy" wins ECFA-Award 2013

For a whole year dozens of awards were raining on this strong film, starting in Berlin 2012 and – for the time being – ending in Berlin 2013.

(10.02.2013) Six different films did win the awards of ECFA-Juries at nine festivals in 2012. These films were nominated for the ECFA-Award 2013:
"Death of a Superhero" awarded at Zlin and at Ale Kino! Poznan;
"Jitters" awarded at Ciné-Jeune St. Quentin;
"Kauwboy" awarded at Kristiansand; Lucas Frankfurt/Main and Olympia Pyrgos;
"The Secret", awarded at Schlingel Chemnitz;
"Taking Chances", awarded at BUFF Malmö;
"Totally True Love", awarded at Oulu.

Out of these nominated films all ECFA-members were asked to vote for their favourite. About 70 % of all ECFA-members voted which is an amazing high degree of participation, especially for an international organisation.

Tonje Hardersen, as her last duty as ECFA's President, presented the nominated films during the party, that ECFA organizes at Berlin together with partners for 250 guests and then she revealed the winner: "Kauwboy" by Boudewijn Koole. As the director was already busy with his next film, the producers, Jan van der Zanden, Stefanie van Houcke und Wilant Boekelman from the production company Waterland Film, came to Berlin to receive the Award. Photographer: Cagri Tuzcuoglu.




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