European Children's Film Association
Association Européenne du Cinéma pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse


Céline Ravenel (France) is ECFA's new President!

After six most successful years as president of ECFA Tonje Hardersen's term ended at ECFA's General Assembly in Berlin.

(10.02.2013) According to ECFA's statutes board members can be elected for six years maximum. Therefore also Charlotte Giese (Denmark) and Dimitris Spyrou left the board. All members who were present thanked the leaving board members for their dedicated work.

As new board members the General Assembly elected Malene Iversen (Denmark), Kathy Loizou (Great Britain) and Petra Petra Slatinšek (Slovenia). During their first board meeting immediately after the General Assembly Céline Ravenel unanimously was elected as the new President of ECFA. On the photo (left to right) the - almost - complete board of ECFA: Cecilia Grubb (Sweden), Kathy Loizou, Felix Vanginderhuysen (General Secretary, Belgium), Céline Ravenel, Reinhold T. Schöffel (Germany), Malene Iversen, Petr Koliha (Czech Republic) and Petra Slatinšek. Not in the picture: Adam Graham (Great Britain). Photo: Gert Hermans.




European Symposium "Documentaries for Young Audiences", (26.10.2014)

"Ricky Rapper" Wins at "Schlingel" Film Festival in Chemnitz / ECFA Award to "Girlhood", (20.10.2014)

Domestic Films Win Most Awards at Cinekid Amsterdam, (18.10.2014)

French Films Win at this Year's Buster Copenhagen, (29.09.2014)

Frankfurt's 'Lucas'-Award goes to the Philppines', Most Other Awards to the Netherlands, (28.09.2014)

"Mother I Love You" Wins in Kristiansand, (22.09.2014)

European Symposium on the current state and prospects of documentary film for children and young people, (27.08.2014)

Films from the Netherlands again Convinced the Young Audience Juries in Giffoni, (28.07.2014)

Philippe Muyl wins the Main Prize in Zlin for "The Nightingale" / Zlin's ECFA-Award to "Sitting Next to Zoe", (05.06.2014)

European Film Academy Young Audience Award 2014 for "Regret!", (04.05.2014)

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