European Children's Film Association
Association Européenne du Cinéma pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse


ECFA's Annual General Assembly in Berlin, February 7th 2015

All ECFA members are invited to attend the association's Annual General Assembly in Landesvertretung des Freistaats Thüringen beim Bund, Mohrenstraße 64,10117 Berlin, on February 7th 2015, beginning at 15:30.

(27.01.2015) Anyone who wants to get in contact with ECFA, can find us there.
In order to give the members much more opportunities for mingling and networking, all members are invited for a buffet in restaurant “Der Thüringer” (same building, first floor). This buffet is offered by ECFA (one person per member, additional persons will be charged 25.- €). The buffet will be open from the end of the AGM (ca. 18.30) till 20.30.

From 21:00 pm on ECFA is co-hosting the "Meeting of the Children's Film Scene" at the HomeBase Lounge, where the final ECFA-Award 2015 will be announced (access with invitation only).




ECFA's Annual General Assembly in Berlin, February 7th 2015, (27.01.2015)

European Symposium "Documentaries for Young Audiences", (26.10.2014)

"Ricky Rapper" Wins at "Schlingel" Film Festival in Chemnitz / ECFA Award to "Girlhood", (20.10.2014)

Domestic Films Win Most Awards at Cinekid Amsterdam, (18.10.2014)

French Films Win at this Year's Buster Copenhagen, (29.09.2014)

Frankfurt's 'Lucas'-Award goes to the Philppines', Most Other Awards to the Netherlands, (28.09.2014)

"Mother I Love You" Wins in Kristiansand, (22.09.2014)

European Symposium on the current state and prospects of documentary film for children and young people, (27.08.2014)

Films from the Netherlands again Convinced the Young Audience Juries in Giffoni, (28.07.2014)

Philippe Muyl wins the Main Prize in Zlin for "The Nightingale" / Zlin's ECFA-Award to "Sitting Next to Zoe", (05.06.2014)

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