European Children's Film Association
Association Européenne du Cinéma pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse


Animation & Cartoon

The European Association of Animation Film's major events on animation in film and TV in Europe: Cartoon Forum, Cartoon Movie, Cartoon Masters and Cartoon d'or.

Austria: Austrian Film Commission

Information on films from Austria.

Austria: Ministry of School and Culture

Film course for teachers.

Belgium: Flanders Image

Information on films from the Flemish community in Belgium.

Belgium: Wallonie-Bruxelles images

Information on films from the Wallonian community in Belgium.

CIFEJ - Centre International du Film pour l´Enfance et la Jeunesse

The worldwide federation of the national children's and young people's film centres.


European Filmnetwork-Website

Croatian Audiovisual Centre / Hrvatski audiovizualni Centar

Information on film and media in Croatia.

Czech Film Center

Information on films from the Czech Republic.

Denmark: Danish Film Institute

Informations on films from Denmark.
Member of ECFA

ECFA on Facebook

ECFA launched a page on Facebook.

Estonian Film Foundation

Information on films from Estonia


The website of the European Charter for Media Literacy.

Europa Cinemas

Useful databases on European films and distributors

European Film Promotion

EFP promotes European films world wide, for example with the Shooting Star activities for up-and-coming yong actors. Very useful are links to the national film institutions and agencies in the European countries.

FICC - Fédération internationale des ciné-clubs / International Federation of Film Societies

The website of the international Federation of Film Societies, a worldwide organisation.

Finnland: Finnish Film Foundation

Information on films from Finnland.

First Light

Member of ECFA

France: CNC - Centre Nationale du Cinéma

Website of the French Film Institute.

France: Film and Culture

Information on film for teachers.

France: Unifrance

Information on films from France.

Germany: German Films Service + Marketing GmbH

Information on (almost) all feature films from Germany.

Germany: Institut fuer Kino und Filmkultur

Information on film for teachers.

Germany: International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI)

Literature database on children's & youth TV, educational TV in the German-speaking context with more than 20,000 int. references and links to full-text documents and online information.

Germany: Stiftung Lesen

Information on film for teachers.

Great Britain: British Film Institute, Education Department

Information on film for teachers.

Great Britain: Film education in Great Britain

A lot of information on film education, how to use films in school, background information on many films etc. Great! Though British Film Education had been closed in April 2013 this site and its library of resources will remain accessible.

Great Britain: Films from Great Britain

Information on films from Great Britain.

Great Britain: Information on Media Education

Information on media education for teachers.

Greece: Greek Film Centre

Information on film and cinema in Greece.

Hungarian Film Archive

Information from the Hungarian Film Archive.

Hungary: Information on Hungarian Films

Information on Hungarian Films

Iceland: Icelandic film fund

Information on films from Iceland.

Ireland: Irish Film Board

Information on films from Ireland.

Irish Film Institute

Information on film in Ireland.

Italy: Italia Cinema

Information on films from Italy.

Italy: Regione Lombardia, Film Education

Information on film for teachers.

Latvia Film

Information on Films from Latvia.

Lithuanian Film Center

Information on films from Lithuania.

Luxemburg: Film Fund Luxembourg

Information on films from Luxemburg.

Media Salles: European Cinema On-Line Database

Databases on film culture in Europe, The Eurokids Network and much more...

MEDIA-Programme of the European Union, European Commission, EAC, Dept. 3

Funding programmes for European films and media.

Netherlands: EYE Film Institute Netherlands (Ex-Holland Film)

Information on films from the Netherlands.
Member of ECFA

Netherlands: Filmeducatie

Information on film for teachers.
Member of ECFA

Norway: Norwegian Film Institute

Information on films from Norway.
Member of ECFA

Poland: Polish Film Institute

Information on films from Poland.

Portigal: Portugal Film

New source for information on films from Portugal

Portugal: ICAM - Portugese Institute for Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia

Some information on films from Portugal.

Russian Association for Film & Media Education

Dr. Alexander Fedorov, the director og the Russian Association for Film & Media Education, launched this new website and also wants to receive articles from foreign colleagues on media education.

Serbian Film Centre

Information on films from Serbia.

Slovak Film Institute

Information on films from Slovakia

Slovenia: The Slovenian Film Foundation

Information on films from Slovenia. There is a link to which offers informations on each and every Slovenian film. Title: Slovenian Cinema for Beginners

Spain: Drac Magic

Information on films in school for teachers.
Member of ECFA

Spain: Instituto de cine / ICAA

Information on films from Spain.

Sweden: Swedish Film Institute

Information on films from Sweden.

Switzerland: ProCinema

Information on cinema in Switzerland.

Switzerland: Swiss Film Center

Information on films from Switzerland.

Youth Cinema Network

A network of youth film festivals, organizations and film/media teachers that promotes and improves filmmaking by young people.


ECFA-Sites: - Contacts for Young Filmmakers all around Europe