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Year of Production 2017

Oskar's America

English title: Oskar's America
Original title: Oskars Amerika
German title: Oskars Amerika
Norway, Sweden, 2017

Director: Iversen, Torfinn
Production company: Original Film AS
Age recommendation: 9 years and up
Length: 79 min.
Film genre: Feature film

With its moving tale of extraordinary friendship against the backdrop of a broken family, Torfinn Iversen's debut feature film sees a return to some of the themes and characters from his short film Levis Hest (Generation 14plus, 2012). Oskar's dream of spending the holidays with his mother on horseback on the prairie collides with dreary reality as she drops him off with his cantankerous grandfather for the summer. She must go to America alone at first, to find a job. Levi, a social outcast who talks with his pony, becomes Oskar's only friend. When Levi has to go to a care home and Oskar's mother does not return, the two of them hatch a plan: using Levi's great-grandfather's boat, they will row across the Atlantic to America.

Berlinale Generation 2017

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