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Year of Production 2012


English title: Pinocchio
Original title: Pinocchio
German title: Pinocchio
Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium France, 2012

Director: d`Alò, Enzo
Production company: Iris Productions, CometaFilm (I),
Co-producers: Walking the dog (B), 2d3D Animation (F)
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

Geppetto the carpenter carves the object of his hidden desires out of a log: a puppet that will keep him company and will be like a son to him. He will call him Pinocchio.

Imagine his surprise when he discovers that the puppet moves, as if by magic, and is gifted with a life on its own.

Furthermore, the newborn Pinocchio has a temperamental personality and soon tries to impose his liveliness and repressed dynamism on his 'father'.

The Talking Cricket who has been living in the house with Geppetto for a long time decides to take care of the newcomer's education, but with little success...

In fact, Pinocchio immediately starts to do one foolish thing after another, he doesn't listen and he is bad-mannered. Even though he knows that Geppetto and the Talking Cricket try to understand and help him, Pinocchio decides not to go to school, preferring to watch Stromboli's puppet show.

At the theatre, he meets Harlequin, Punch and other puppets before being caught by the terrifying Stromboli and his assistants, the Cat and the Fox; he even runs the risk of being used as firewood.

Busan 2012, Cine Junior France 2013, New York ICFF 2013, Filemon Brussels 2013, Animateka Ljubljana 2014

World sales address/es:
Rezo (F)

Sold to:
Gébéka (F)