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Neuilly Motherfucker

Original title: Neuilly sa mère!
German title: Neuilly, Du kannst mich mal!
France, 2009

Director: Julien-Laferrière, Gabriel
Production company: Miroir Magique !, Vito Films
Co-producers: France 2 Cinéma, TF1 International
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

14-year-old Sami Benboudaoud lives happily with his buddies in the Châlon projects. Unfortunately, destiny tears him one day from his paradise, and ejects him into the hell of... chic and bourgeois Neuilly-sur-Seine!

He is put into the hands of his Aunt Djamila, who he meets for the first time, and her husband, Stanislas de Chazelle, the heir of a noble and ancient French family that is extremely strict when it comes to manners and rules.

In their Neuilly town house, Sami must share his daily life with Charles, his cousin who is the same age, full of racial prejudices and obsessed with his ambition of one day becoming... President of the French Republic!

Fortunately, at Saint-Exupéry, the extremely chic private high school where his arrival doesn't go unnoticed, Sami falls under the spell of Marie, the most beautiful girl on the planet.

To seduce her and succeed in his new life, he must prove to everyone that he's not some project scum, on the brink of loot ing the town house, holding to ransom his new buddies, and burning cars.

Montreal 2010, Schlingel Chemnitz 2010

Website: www.neuillysamere.com

World sales address/es:
Other Angle Pictures (F)

Sold to:
TFM Distribution (F)
Elysee (B)