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New Old Fairy Tale, A

German title: Ein neues altes Märchen
Russia, 2006

Director: Kalaschnikowa, Natalja
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Witch Baba Jaga lives in the capital of magic where she possesses unrestricted power and influence. When she notices the fact that she loses power and others gain the upper hand she decides to return to her home village of Muchomorowka. When Baba Jaga meets little Tanjuschka and her friend Iljuscha, she works out a plan. At the moment the children are happy. They play together; there are never any arguments. But if the witch succeeded to make enemies of the two children her own position would improve substantially.
Full of energy and with a fair bit of malice the witch sets to work. She plunges the children into the most dangerous adventures.

Chemnitz 2007