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Nannerl, Mozart's Sister

Original title: Nannerl, la sœur de Mozart
German title: Nannerl, Mozarts Schwester
France, 2010

Director: Féret, Rene
Production company: Les Films Alyne
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

History remembers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but few remember his equally musical sister Nannerl, who in her early years toured Europe with the rest of the Mozart family and performed at royal courts and among the nobility. When Nannerl was a teenager, the view of women of that time however, caught up with her - her father did not think it was appropriate for a woman to compose music and stand at the front of the stage. She could accompany her younger brother, that was all. 'Nannerl - Mozart's Sister' tells her story - including how she tried to rebel, encouraged by France's crown prince, who recognized her talent. The result is a beautiful and poetic film - with the social sting of a time, when women's dreams and desires should preferably be restricted to that of the home.

Chicago IFF 2010, Göteborg 2011, Shanghai IFF 2011, Montreal WFF 2011, Buster Copenhagen 2011

Website: www.reneferet.com

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