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Martino´s Summer

Original title: estate di Martino, L´
German title: Martinos Sommer*
Italy, 2010

Director: Natale, Massimo
Production company: Movimento Film
Co-producers: Rai Cinema
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

The summer of 1980 was a tragic summer of bloodshed, marked by the shooting down of the DC9 plane in the skies over Ustica in June and the terrorist bombing in Bologna's train station on the 2nd of August: two tragic episodes that are the background to the story of Martino, an Italian boy, and Clark, an American captain. This is a relationship that began and developed by learning to surf, and in which each of them learned how to tackle their ghosts.

Rome IFF 2010, Zlin 2011

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Intramovies (I)

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Movimento (IT)