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Min Dît – The Children of Diyarbakir

Original title: Min Dît
German title: Min Dît – Die Kinder von Diyarbakir
Turkey, Germany, 2009

Director: Bezar, Miraz
Production company: Bezar Film & Corazón International
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Gulistan and Firat live happily with their parents in Diyarbakir (Kurdistan). Tragedy strikes when their mother and father, a political journalist, are shot down by paramilitary gunmen before their very eyes. Traumatized and orphaned, Gulistan, Firat and their infant sister remain at home in the care of their young Aunt Yekbun. She is trying to arrange passage and flights for her and the children to settle in Sweden. Before she is able to complete the process, politically active Yekbun disappears without a trace. Gulistan and Firat patiently await and continue their daily life. But as days turn into weeks, the money that their aunt has left them runs out.

Ale Kino Poznan 2010 (awarded), Espoo Ciné 2011

Website: www.min-dit.com/

World sales address/es:
Match Factory (D)

Sold to:
Mîtosfilm (DE)