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Original title: Mineurs
Italy, 2007

Director: Wetzl, Fulvio
Production company: Vawe

1961. Four children in a village in Lucania. Armando is the son of a miner, Egidio of a tailor. Mario is the son of the doctor whilst Vito’s father is a sculptor. They all meet at school where their teacher Fernando teaches them ethics, critic and historical awareness. Many men from the village have already moved to Belgium to work in the coal mines. Some of them have come back affected by silicosis. Armando and Egidio will soon leave too. Armando, with his mother Vitina, goes to rejoin his father and brothers. Egidio leaves with all the family. In Belgium adults face exploitation and bad life conditions, while the children have to find a way to integrate into their new school.

Castellinaria Bellinzona 2007

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