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Original title: Maharal – Tajemstvi talismanu
German title: Maharal – Das Geheimnis  des Talismans
Czech Republic, 2007

Director: Jandourek, Pavel
Production company: Barrandov Studios
Co-producers: Czeska Televize
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

This is a holiday story features three children living in Prague: Alena, David, and Ondra. Together with a charismatic treasure hunters named Aaron Cohen, they lead us to the most mysterious places of old Prague. They take us into the ruins of an old water castle and offer us a chance to meet strange creatures from ancient times… Such is the setting of a thrilling and adventurous search for a mysterious treasure, the Golem and the mythical Philosophers‘ Stone…. The story, intended primarily for children, has a very real background. All available historical sources confirm the factual existence of a legendary talisman that was owned by the famous Prague rabbi Jehuda Löw ben Becalel. Traces of the legendary object were passed on by the rabbi to two chosen ones on his death bed and can be followed up to the period of World War II when the mysterious talisman disappeared for good. However, there is no reason why it could not reappear in these times.

Chemnitz 2007 (awarded), Chicago 2007, Ale Kino Poznan 2007, Antwerp/Brugge 2008 (awarded), Kristiansand 2008, Cinemagic Belfast 2008, Madrid 2008

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