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Michou d' Auber

Original title: Michou d' Auber
France, 2007

Director: Gilou, Thomas
Production company: EuropaCorp
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Autumn 1960, France. Messaoud, a 9 year-old French boy of Kabyle extraction, is placed in a French family of the French region of Berry, with Georges and Gisèle Duvailly, a couple which is about to split for the reason that they do not have any children. The “Algerian events”, which are not called “war” yet, are vivid. In a very tense political and historical context, Gisèle has no other choice than disguise young Messaoud’s identity to protect him from certain bad minded villagers and from her ill natured husband, an army pensioner. Messaoud then becomes Michel, called “Michou”. A muslim he becomes catholic. With original dark hair, he becomes blonde. A deep complicity and tenderness gradually reveals between Georges and Michou who finds a new family, a new school and a normal life despite his secret.
(Source: Giffoni 2007)

"After having analysed this film both from a technical and ethical point of view we decided to hand MICHOU D’AUBER the quality prize, the BRONZE GRYPHON. The decision was based on the film’s realistic locations, its context, score which made the film unique and emotional and also for its great script; apart from the technical aspects we want to underline the great attention given to the theme of the film by its author."
(Statement of the Jury at Giffoni 2007)

Director’s statement
“MICHOU D’AUBER tells a story that many Algerian children experienced in the early 60s. The story of contemporary parents ant their children seeking the roots they dream of and a culture that they can relate to. MICHOU D’AUBER is the true but dramatized story of Messaoud Hattou [co-screenwriter]. It’s the universal story of parents and children who accept difference”.
“I wanted the photography in this picture to reflect the passage from shadow to light as the boy opens up to others. Among the film’s themes, the discovery of nature was important. It’s French countryside that doesn’t verge on caricature or the mystical. The actors make up the landscapes in this film while the landscapes each have a role to play”. (Source: Giffoni 2007)

Marketing strategies:
Gérard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye as main actors.

Giffoni 2007 (awarded), Gijon 2007

World sales address/es:
Europacorp (F)

Sold to:
Pathé France
Pathé (CH)