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Moonbeambear Bear and His Friends, The

Original title: Mondbär, Der – Das große Kinoabenteuer
German title: Mondbär, Der – Das große Kinoabenteuer
Germany, 2008

Director: Maurus, Michael
Production company: NDF Neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft
Co-producers: Caligari Film, ZDF
Age recommendation: 4 years and up

He's always helpful and caring, and can never say "no" when his friends ask for
a favour – and since he’s got many friends, his life in the forest is full of adventures…
How fast and how often can you rescue five sassy ducklings from disaster? How do you get a stranded star girl back into the sky without falling in love? Why are the neighbor's carrots so big and how can you get to them? How can you compose a song for the moon that sounds good even from a growling bear? How can you get honey for honey cakes when a fox is sitting on the bee hive? And last, but definitely most important, how can you have a birthday party if you don't have a birthday?

Animation, TV-series and movie, based on the the series of successful children’s books by Rolf Fänger & Ulrike Möltgen, which were published in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Korea, France, Israel, Denmark, USA, Spain and Greece so far.

Chemnitz 2008, Chicago 2008, Sprockets Toronto 2009, Kristiansand 2009, Golden Sparrow Gera/Erfurt 2009, Zlin 2009, Showcommotion Sheffield 2009

World sales address/es:
Beta Cinema (DE)

Sold to:
Universum (DE)
ZDF-Redaktion Kinder 1 (D)