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Mickybo and Me

Original title: Mickybo and Me
German title: Mickybo und ich
Ireland, 2004

Director: Sloane, Terry
Production company: New Moon Pictures, Octagon Films

The loud-mouthed firecracker Mickybo runs into the calmer and more cautious Jon Jo, who lives on the other side of bridge that divides Belfast in 1970. The young rascals identify with their Wild West heroes and decide to escape to Australia. The open-minded friends are wanted by the police, they end up in the news and their colourful escape is followed by the whole nation.

The fresh first feature film by Terry Loane is based on Owen McCafferty’s acclaimed play. Mickybo who is played furiously by John Jo McNeil is a real discovery.

We chose Terry Loane's Mickybo & me as the winner because of its good actors and the excellent children in the lead roles. The
plot was credible but still full of surprises.

The difference between Mickybo and Jon Jo's characters brought a nice flavour to the film. The music was not the same old stuff but something exceptional. Beautiful scenery was the finishing touch." Children's jury Oulu 2005

A film that celebrates the love of filmmaking while
telling a story about friendship. The performance of the leading actor John Jo McNeill who plays Micky Bo is impressive. An actor
of that age who has such depth and maturity in his acting is not easy to find. During the film he handles a wide range of
emotions in a natural, unforced and controlled way. He grows from a unspoiled and joyous boy to a more cynical, aggressive young

The film also has strong parallels with the world we live in today. Terrorism, misunderstanding and hatred between people is
everyday news. We watch the characters grow up with the limitations of a divided city. But the political situation never gets the
upper hand in this film. Instead we focus on the boys world, building a friendship and the importance of using fantasy to escape
the cruelty around them." CIFEJ-Jury, Oulu 2005

Chemnitz 2005, Oulu 2005 (awarded), Boston 2005 (awarded), Zlin 2006, Buster Copenhagen 2006 (awarded), Cyprus 2007, Hannover 2008, Discovery Dundee 2008

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