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Magic Roundabout, The

Original title: Magic Roundabout, The
German title: Zauberkarussel, Das
Great Britain, France, 2004

Director: Borthwick, Dave & Duval, Jean & Passingham, Frank
Production company: Action Synthèse, Marseille
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

In the Enchanted Village, “The Magic Roundabout” lies in ruin, encased in ice. It is the work of the evil ice sorcerer Zeebad, who is on the loose from his prison beneath the ground: his mission is to enslave the earth and freeze it over forever. As a frosty mist sweeps the world, ranged against the magician are four unlikely heroes: Brian, a snail; Ermintrude, a cow; Dylan, a rabbit; and Dougal, a dog. Only by capturing three magic diamonds they can reverse the winter and return Zeebad to his prison. So begins a desperate race against time. The heroes must survive across the furnaces of a fiery volcano, through the hidden dangers of a temple, over the snow-capped mountains of the icy wilderness. Can our heroes prevail against seemingly unassailable odds with their teamwork, friendship and fearlessness?

Marketing strategies:
According to imdb it earned £5.692 million at the box office in the UK.

Giffoni 2005

World sales address/es:
Pathé Int. & UK

Sold to:
Alternative Films (B)
Lusomundo (PT)
Pathé Int. & UK
Pathé France
Pathé (CH)