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Mighty Celt, The

Original title: Mighty Celt, The
German title: Mighty Celt, The
Great Britain, 2004

Director: Elliott, Pearse
Production company: Treasure Entertainment
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Donal lives with his single mother Kate in Belfast. After school he helps a dog trainer, Good Joe, to look after his racing greyhounds. Donal has a very special way with dogs and knows how to handle them. And that’s why, as soon as he sees Mighty Celt, he knows exactly what this dog is capable of. Good Joe strikes a deal with Donal: the boy can train the dog and, if Mighty Celt manages to win three races in a row, Donal can keep him. Mighty Celt and Donal set to work. Meanwhile something else is preoccupying Donal, ever since O, an enigmatic figure from the past, has reappeared on the scene. At first Donal is not at all happy about this return, but soon the two develop a friendship and, after a while, even Kate and O find themselves drawn to each other again. However Good Joe dislikes O and reneges on his agreement with Donal. This decision threatens to overturn everything Donal believed in.

Berlin 14plus 2005, Giffoni 2005, Cinekid Amsterdam 2005, Cinekid Amsterdam 2005, Antwerp/Brugge 2006 (awarded)

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