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Missing Link

Original title: Missing Link
German title: Missing Link *
Netherlands / Germany / Belgium, 1998

Director: Poppelaars, Gerd
Production company: Theorema Films
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

The 11-year-old Rick has a passion for Africa and the missing link between monkey and man in the human evolution. He learns that a Belgian scientific expedition will go to Congo to look for this link. But Rick is sure that this is a mistake and he decides to warn Professor Oudeweetering about it. During his journey to Brussels, his world tumbles down when he finds out the truth about his father, whom he thought dead as a war hero.

Amsterdam 1999, Utrecht 1999 (Awarded), Laon 2000

World sales address/es:
Theorema Films (NL)
BV Film A/S (N)

Sold to:
RCV Film Distribution (NL)
Jef (BE)
RCV Film Distribution (NL)