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Malabar Princess

Original title: Malabar Princess
German title: Geheimnis um die Malabar Princess
France, 2003

Director: Legrand, Gilles
Production company: Epithète Films
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

The eight-year-old Thomas is supposed to move to his grandfather in the mountains. At first he resists strongly, but his father remains firm. The boy discovers the mountains only once he starts looking for traces of his mother who disappeared in the Mont Blanc massif five years earlier. Thomas does not want to believe that his missing mother died on a glacier tour. Just as the glacier is revealing the remains of the Indian airplane "Princess Malabar", the secret of Thomas' family is slowly brought to light.

Just because you disappear it doesn't mean you're dead. Or that's what Tom, aged 8, has decided. He's now obsessed with only one thing: to find his mother who disappeared in a glacier in the Mont-Blanc range five years ago. Sent to live with his grandfather in the mountains, the city kid is ready to move mountains to find out the truth.
Tenacious, curious and imaginative, he'll force the adults around him to confront the family secrets that his stay brings out in the open, just as the great glacier throws uip the wreckage of the Malabar Princess, the Air India plane that crashed into the peak 50 years earlier, before it disappears forever into the snow and ice... (Unifrance)

Lucas Frankfurt 2004, Cinekid Amsterdam 2004, Oulu 2004, Montreal 2005, Antwerp/Brugge 2005, Hannover 2006

World sales address/es:
Flach Pyramide (F)
Telepool / Global Screen (D)

Sold to:
Warner Bros (F)
Movienet (D)