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Mullewap – A Pig's Tale

Original title: Mullewapp - Eine schöne Schweinerei
German title: Mullewapp - Eine schöne Schweinerei
Germany, 2016

Director: Loeser, Tony & Strozyk, Theresa
Production company: Motion Works
Co-producers: Melusine, Jugendfilm, StudioCanal, WDR
Age recommendation: 4 years and up
Length: 79 min.
Film genre: Animation

Animation. In this 2nd "Mullewapp"-film the Mullewapp-farm is in danger from the plans of the wild boar Horst von Borst and his gang. Horst seems a nice chap to start with, but then he shows that he is really only interested in taking over the farmyard and the livestock there. So, it is up to the three friends Johnny Mauser, Franz von Hahn and Waldemar to save the day.

Based on the books by Helme Heine.

Kinderfilmtage im Ruhrgebiet 2016, Schlingel CFF Chemnitz 2016, Kinderkinofest Düsseldorf 2016

Website: www.mullewapp-film.de

Study guide: www.mullewapp-film.de/Mullewapp_MATE ...

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