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Misfits Club, The

Original title: club de los incomprendidos, El
German title: Club der Unverstandenen, Der
Spain, 2014

Production company: Atresmedia Cine, Bambú Producciones
Age recommendation: 15 years and up
Length: 105 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Valeria's life has changed completely. Her parents' separation made her move to Madrid with her mother. That means she has to deal with many new things: new house, new high school, new friends...

Things get even more complicated when Valeria is forced to go to the group therapy organized by the high school psychologist. There, she will meet other group mates who are also forced to assist. But what seems to be a bad start for this young adolescent is just the beginning of an amazing vital experience for her. New friends, a new city teeming with possibilities... She cherishes maturity and, above all, she discovers that first love is much more complicated than in princess tales.

Marketing strategies:
Adapted from the novel “Buenos días, Princesa” by Blue Jeans. Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, Cristóbal Garrido y Adolfo Valor.

Schlingel Chemnitz 2015

World sales address/es:
Bambú (ES)

Sold to:
Capelight (DE)