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Me A Romantic Roma

Original title: Io Rom Romantico
German title: Ich romantisch Roma
Italy, 2014

Director: Halilovic, Laura
Production company: Wildside, RAI Cinema
Co-producers: SCCA Pro.ba
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 80 min.

Gioia is a gypsy girl. She lives with her family in Turin. Her father, Armando, is anguished because his 18-year-old daughter is still unmarried and acts like a gagè, a non-gypsy. For the gypsy community Gioia is a gagè, and for Italians she remains only a gypsy. She was born in Turin but, for bureaucratic reasons, she can not get Italian citizenship.

Gioia is doubly marginalized and her life is without prospects. Her only confidant is Morena, a little girl with Italian parents, who enjoys the freedom of the gagè. Morena persuades Gioia to participate to a casting for a commercial. On the set, Gioia discovers a world which can give her anything she is looking for.

She finally has a dream: she wants to become a director! Gioia, driven by Morena, turns to Alessandro, the mechanic of the district, who will become her friend, confidant and mentor.

Giffoni 2014, Sottodiciotto Torino 2014, Schlingel Chemnitz 2015, Melbourne 2015

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Wildside (IT)