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My Friend Raffi

Original title: Rettet Raffi!
German title: Rettet Raffi!
Germany, 2015

Director: Agthe, Arend
Production company: Mimi & Crow Film-Produktion
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Gold hamster Raffi belongs to the eight year old Sammy. The little rodent is something very special. Not only can he kick goals with a football but he can also sniff smuggled goods – and this better than a tracker dog.

However one day Raffi is suddenly gone!

Neither his mother, nor his sister has the time to help search for Raffi, and his father is all the way in Afghanistan for work. So Sammy has to do it all by himself, to soon find out that his little Hamster has been kidnapped by a ruthless criminal.

Now ahead of him lies a tremendous adventure through the big city of Hamburg.

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Festival Contact:
Renate Zylla
Festival Agent
Havelberger Str. 29
10559 Berlin - Germany
Phone/Fax: ++49 30 3962359
Mobil: ++49 1606639926
E-mail: rzylla@arcor.de

FIFEM Montreal 2015, Kristiansand CFF 2015, Zlin 2015, Kinderfilmfest Munich 2015, Jerusalem IFF 2015, Int. Children's Film Carnival Hong Kong 2015, Little Big Films Nuremberg 2015 (awarded), Mexico City 2015, Tumbleweed Utah/USA, Filem'on Brussels 2015, Schlingel Chemnitz 2015, Michel Kinderfilmfest Hamburg, Scrrenies New Zealand 2015, Guro Kids Seoul 2015, Mumbai IFF 2015, Filem'on Brussels 2015, Cinepänz Cologne 2015, Juniorfest Plzen 2015, KIJUKO Bremen 2015 (awarded), CFF Armenia 2015, Lahore CFF 2015, Just Film Tallinn 2015, Golden Elephant Hyderabad 2015, Ale Kino! Poznan 2015, Olympia Pyrgos 2015, Kolkata CFF 2015, Bangladesh CFF 2016, Seattle CFF 2016, CFF Bangladesh Dhaka 2016, Luxembourg 2016 (awarded), Sarajevo IFF 2016, Vittorio Veneto 2017, Sarajevo IFF 2018

Website: www.rettet-raffi.de/en

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East-West (A)

Sold to:
MFA+-Filmverleih (D)
Luna-Filmverleih (AT)