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Miss Blue Jeans

Original title: Miss Farkku-Suomi
German title: Miss Blue Jeans
Finland, 2012

Director: Kinnunen, Matti
Production company: Periferia
Co-producers: Samson Films (IE), Igloo Productions (IE), Migma Film (SE)
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Year 1977. Punk and new wave rock´n roll has arrived to remote Finland and a bleak small town Oulu where increasingly odd-looking youths began to appear in the street with a message. Their rebellion speaks to Välde (17). Välde dreams of joining a rock band and becoming famous. He wants to get drunk for the first time, and to win the love of Pike, the most beautiful girl in the class. When Pike wins the Miss Blue Jeans contest organised by the country´s leading (and only)pop music magazine Suosikki and takes as her boyfriend the bourgeois Henri Hakala, Välde puts all his eggs in one basket. He abandons his former self and begins purposefully constructing a new persona for himself. But everything doesn’t go as Välde wanted …

Oulu 2012 (awarded), BUFF Malmö 2013, Fest Espinho 2013 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2013, Nordic Film Days Luebeck 2013, Fest Espinho 2014 (awarded)

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Periferia (FI)

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Nordisk (Fi)