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My Dad is Baryshnikov

Original title: Moi Papa Baryshnikov
German title: Mein Vater ist Baryshnikov
Russia, 2011

Director: Povolotski, Dmitry
Production company: Carmen Film, Novye Liudi
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

Russia in the time of Perestroika the borders are opening up and rock music is hitting the alleyways of Moscow. Its 1986 and blackmarket jeans are the quickest way to get you into the cool crowd. For Borya, the clumsiest pupil at the infamous Bolshoi theater Ballet Academy, supplying these jeans to his classmates is his ticket into popularity, along with his claim to son of
Russia's most famous ballet dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov, an idea fed to him by his mother. It is only a matter of time before these claims catch-up to Borya. In a place where decorum and conformity rule, Borya's dreams are met head on in a hilarious and heart-warming way.

Kinotavr Sochi 2011, Pusan 2011, Kristiansand 2012, Schlingel Chemnitz 2012, Cinekid Amsterdam 2012, Vienna ICFF 2012, Steiermark 2012, Siping ICFF (China) 2013, Tel Aviv ICFF 2014

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