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Manusha – The Little Gypsy Witch

Original title: Duh Babe Ilonke
German title: Manusha - Die kleine Zigeunerhexe
Croatia, Austria, Macedonia, 2012

Director: Zaja, Tomislav
Production company: Formula Film (Croatia), Knut Ogris Films (Austria)
Co-producers: Geyzer Film (Macedonia), HRT, ORF
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 98 min.
Film genre: Feature film

The Little Gypsy Witch is the story of Manusha, a single child in an urban Roma family. Mother Aska works in a light-bulb factory, father Hrast plays the trumpet in a funeral orchestra, while granny Ilonka, the neighborhood fortune-teller, infallibly predicts fate. Up until one morning when she pulls out the Death card to herself. At the moment when granny Ilonka breathes her last breath, mother is fired from her job, father loses his musical ear and his trumpet stops listening to him, and the house pet Baltazar’s (the ferret) fur goes white from the stress, and then completely fades and disappears!

“It is almost as if you are cursed”, says Zdenko, Manusha’s friend from school. With the help of granny’s ghost who is stuck in a portrait on the wall of the living room, Manusha and Zdenko discover the truth behind “granny’s curse”, as well as a huge family secret ...

Pula 2011, El Ojo Cojo Madrid 2015 (awarded), Kyiv 2015 (awarded), Mumbai 2015 (awarded), New York Sun Film Festival 2016 (awarded),Seattle CFF 2016, Cottbus 2016

Website: www.manusha-derfilm.at

World sales address/es:
Galloping Films (AU)
Knut Ogris Films (AT)
Formula Film (HR)