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Year of Production 2016

6 A

English title: 6 A
Original title: 6 A
German title: 6 A
Sweden, 2016

Director: Modestij, Peter
Production company: sic film AB
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 61 min.

As if immersed in the situation, the viewer witnesses a distressing encounter between angry parents, a helpless teacher and three schoolgirls. It soon becomes clear that
certain things are going wrong in their class. There have been complaints of bullying. The parents are mainly concerned with
defending their own children. They throw around neurotic accusations and make untenable demands. Using a camera which itself seems to participate in the discussion, scene after scene is dissected with
refreshing malice and a sense for the dark side of human nature. Desperate attempts to resolve things unleash an avalanche of other
problems. It takes a long time before Denise, Bella and Mina can have their say.

Berlin Generation 2016

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