KIDS Regio & Golden Sparrow about the 3rd KIDS Regio Forum

“Cultural success means that a film has an impact”

“In Weimar at the KIDS Regio Forum (26-28 June) a high-profile Think Tank will lay down the tracks to follow towards the future. Anne Schultka (KIDS Regio) and Nicola Jones (Golden Sparrow) help us to unravel the children’s film and media construction in the German state of Thuringia.

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“The shirts are the same, but the kids aren’t”

ZARA AND THE MAGICAL FOOTBALL BOOTS is a Dutch TV series in which children living in AZCs participate. Not only as actors – director Mirjam Marks and producer Julia Schellekens included them in every part of the filmmaking process.

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ECFA & KIDS REGIO continued lobbying

Why Europe needs attention to children’s film
This joint statement from ECFA and KIDS Regio wants to address how important it is that the Creative Europe MEDA Sub-Programme continues with its positive focus on children’s film and lead the way for change. Today, there are too few member states that pay enough attention to this field on their own. And quality films for children with subject matter and a social context that they can relate to seems more important than ever in order to bring Europe together.

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On Wednesday September 20th, around 100 people were welcomed by organizer Per Eriksson in Stockholm for the ECFA seminar on ‘Screening for children’. The seminar focused on a question pertinent for many people working with children’s film: what to do after the screening, when you start processing the film with the young audience? Continue reading “ECFA SEMINAR REPORT ‘SCREENING FOR CHILDREN’”

ECFA & KIDS REGIO Post Statement

In April 2017, ECFA and the KIDS Regio lobby initiative have sent a joined statement to Creative Europe, on the occasion of the programme’s midterm evaluation. This ‘Statement for a special attention to children’s films within the Creative Europe MEDIA Sub-Programme’ aims to emphasize the importance of cinema for a young audience and makes a call on European policy makers, political functionaries, local Media Desks and various voices in the ‘children & media’ debate.
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Rights Against INtolerance: Building an Open-minded World

The project connects EU gay and lesbian associations, schools, media professionals promoting the rights of children and young people to their sexual identity and orientation and who fight against homophobia, in order to A) study stereotypes and B) challenge them.


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