New ECFA member: Austrian Film Museum – Summer school for film education

From 27-30th August 2018 brand new ECFA member the Austrian Film Museum will host the 12th Summer School with the theme “film education and pictorial politics” in a four-day Teachers’ Seminar, getting familiar with methods of film education and reflecting on their political potential. Continue reading “New ECFA member: Austrian Film Museum – Summer school for film education”

ECFA Jury at BUFF selects I AM WILLIAM

I AM WILLIAM is the winner of the ECFA Award 2018 at the BUFF Festival in Malmö. In this Danish film by Jonas Elmer, William moves in with his uncle, a small-time crook. Whenever he ends up in a scrape William is the one who has to help him out. And if that isn’t enough some bullies are trying to extort money from him using threats of violence. Luckily his new friend Viola comes to the rescue. Continue reading “ECFA Jury at BUFF selects I AM WILLIAM”

New ECFA member EFA makes nominated films available on VoD

Created in 1988 by 40 directors, actors and producers, the European Film Academy (EFA) now unites more than 3,400 filmmakers across Europe with the common aims of celebrating the excellence and diversity of European cinema, attracting new audiences to European film and drawing attention to new European talent. Throughout the year, the EFA initiates and participates in a series of activities dealing with film politics as well as economic, artistic, and training aspects, culminating in the annual presentation of the European Film Awards. Continue reading “New ECFA member EFA makes nominated films available on VoD”

ECFA Seminar at Cinekid

Thanks to the cooperation with the Cinekid festival in Amsterdam, ECFA will continue its tradition of quality seminars for the industry. Cinekid director Floor van Spaendonck confirmed that forces will be bundled with ECFA and EYE Filmmuseum to welcome ECFA members and industry people on October 23rd 2018 in Amsterdam for a Film Education Seminar, under the working title ‘A Network of Networks (and How Film and Media are Related)’, in the run-up to the yearly Cinekid for Professionals conference. Continue reading “ECFA Seminar at Cinekid”

Film in the Forest

To hold a children’s film festival on the first sunny weekend of the year would seem a disaster, especially in the sun-starved Nordics. However, in May 2017 as the sun burst through the trees, the audience flocked to Film in the Forest – a new film and culture festival for children aged 3-10 in Aarhus, Denmark. Continue reading “Film in the Forest”

New ECFA member Abloom grants rights to every child

The Abloom Filmfestival was founded in 2002 by Faridah S. Nabaggala, a filmmaker and film enthusiast, born in Uganda, now living in Norway. She cherished a dream of dedicating a film festival to children and young people with a disability, in the conviction that every child has the right to be heard and seen and the right to blossom. It’s no coincidence that Abloom has a flower bud as a mascot. In 2015, this fast-growing event was granted the Oslo City Culture Award. Continue reading “New ECFA member Abloom grants rights to every child”

New ECFA member Zero Plus: Placing qualities at the forefront

Through the art of cinema, the Zero Plus International Festival of Films for Children & Youth wants to promote common human values. Programme director Alena Sycheva: “The festival has an interest in films that foster a positive world view in children and young people and that put up front the best qualities, like family, friendship, love, nature, and creativity.” The festival has run since 2014 in Tyumen (Russia), traditionally called the ‘Gates of Siberia’. Continue reading “New ECFA member Zero Plus: Placing qualities at the forefront”