ECFA welcomes new member from Australia (!): The Bardic Studio

Chloe Tran (11) & Laura Barley-Tayler (10) receiving the Spectrum Films Award for Best Documentary by a Child (for HEY JACK) at the KidzFlicks Awards 2017. The award was presented by feature film director Megan Riakos

The Bardic Studio is an Australian charity with a mission to provide pathways to participation in all aspects of cinema for all Australians. Executive director Jacqueline Cosgrove: “We work actively towards an Australian cinema that truly reflects the diversity of our community. One of our projects is for people with disability, and the other is for children.” Continue reading “ECFA welcomes new member from Australia (!): The Bardic Studio”


Left to right – organisor Per Eriksson, Florian Deleporte, Julia Jarl & Kim Bruun

On Wednesday 20 September, around 100 people gathered in Stockholm for the ECFA seminar on ‘Screening for children’. The seminar indulged in a question pertinent for many people working with children’s film: what to do when the screening is over and you start processing the film with the young audience? Continue reading “ECFA CONFERENCE – THE STOCKHOLM SUCCESS”