Renate Zylla: “The festival landscape in North America and Asia evolves in a fast rate”

zyllaFor 17 years, up till 2002, Renate Zylla was director of the Berlinale’s Kinderfilmfest. Then she broadened her horizon, taking out her talents to various Asian festivals. Nowadays working as a festival agent, she guarantees productions a perfect representation abroad. Who could have a better insight in the present-day children’s film festival landscape? Continue reading “Renate Zylla: “The festival landscape in North America and Asia evolves in a fast rate””

Interview with Producer Aage Aaberge (PLODDY THE POLICE CAR MAKES A SPLASH)

“The best known car in the world”


With PLODDY THE POLICE CAR MAKES A SPLASH Neofilm has a successful animated feature running in Norwegian theatres. But with ‘Pelle’ (Ploddy) as a well-known Norwegian hero in the title role, we asked producer Aage Aaberge what elements could be used to promote the film outside its home country? Continue reading “Interview with Producer Aage Aaberge (PLODDY THE POLICE CAR MAKES A SPLASH)”

Interview with Nila Madhab Panda (I AM KALAM)

“Indian cinema is like disco”

The Indian film I AM KALAM (by Nila Madhab Panda) manages easily to get round the European festival audiences. The film won several awards and got a warm welcome in London, Giffoni, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Vienna, Oulu, Copenhagen… The story about little Chhotu (common name for an Indian child laborer) who wants to go to school but ends up as a worker in a dhaba (an open roadside restaurant) sparkles and sputters in a million colors, as it is set in photogenic Rajasthan. Continue reading “Interview with Nila Madhab Panda (I AM KALAM)”


“In the eyes of children every friendship is forever”

He is a director, she is a producer and together they’re the Filmbin team. After a series of short films, Christian Lo and Trine Aadalen Lo are now presenting their first feature. RAFIKI, still keeping alive the sparkles that were so distinctive for ‘Baluba Runa’, ‘Ramp’ and ‘Iver’, tells about 3 best friends trying to save one of them from being sent back to her African home country. With no other clue than an address, Julie and Mette sneak onto the night train, trying to find their friend Naima. Continue reading “INTERVIEW WITH CHRISTIAN LO & TRINE AADALEN LO (RAFIKI)”


Finding the right car for a movie is like finding a precious pearl”

I’m an actor; I like to talk,” Åsleik Engmark says. He is also a Director, so he knows what to talk about: about KNERTEN! His film debut is the most successful children’s film in years in Norway. The film will be released in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Estonia… and a few more countries are on the waiting list. Continue reading “INTERVIEW WITH ÅSLEIK ENGMARK (KNERTEN)”

Film in the Focus: André F. Nebe’s THE RACE

“They could have been right… but they were not!”

DasGrosseRennen_1THE RACE tells about an Irish farming family collapsing while 11 year old daughter Mary is trying to make her dream come true: driving a go-kart and winning a race. Something she can only do with the support of her father, a grumpy farmer with enough problems of his own: agricultural crisis, his wife applying for a divorce and the sudden decline of fatherly authority. The film by André F. Nebe, starring debuting Niamh McGirr and Hollywood star Colm Meany as her father, is a true European co-production. Continue reading “Film in the Focus: André F. Nebe’s THE RACE”